Finding My Banana Bread Man      He continues to provide me with "Memories of Green", and he will always be my "Soft Place to Land."

In the spring of 2007, The Oprah Winfrey Show was looking for individuals who had experienced the loss of a mate. I prepared a video and submitted it for consideration. Unfortunately, the UPS store I mailed the video from affixed the wrong address to the package containing the video and it never arrived. I missed all the deadlines for consideration to be a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

I still felt the video would eventually be a useful marketing tool for my book so I turned my attention to completing my book. In the video you are able to access and view on this page, it describes the process a grieving heart encounters following the loss of a partner/spouse/mate.

The book was originally entitled “Finding Jack – My Soft Place to Land” - so the video references the original title of the book. Over time, the book was twisted, reshaped and eventually renamed Finding My Banana Bread Man – A Journey Through Mourning.”

Therefore, now you know the story behind the video you are about to watch. I hope the video, as well as the book, helps you heal from any loss you may be experiencing. I wish you well in your - Journey Through Mourning.

Click on the link below to view the video