Finding My Banana Bread Man      He continues to provide me with "Memories of Green", and he will always be my "Soft Place to Land."
Memorial to Dusky


April 12, 1989 to December 6, 2004

During the course of Jack's 10-month illness we had to face the loss of our
beloved companion Dusky who died just a few months after Jack's courageous
battle which brain cancer had begun. On the morning of December 6, 2004 I
was with Dusky as I gently released our dear four legged friend as he traveled
over the "Rainbow Bridge" - and out of my sight.

Following is an excerpt from my book - Finding My Banana Bread Man - where I
describes the events leading up to the day of Dusky's physical departure from
our lives. It reads ......

"Jack was granted a 3-hour release from the hospital for Thanksgiving 2004, and he and Dusky were able to spend a few hours together. The last time Jack was able to pet Dusky was on that short visit. He was back in St. Joseph’s ICU recovering from his stroke and coma when Dusky’s condition worsened. I decided it was time I had Dusky put to sleep. I said good-bye to him on the morning of December 6. Hours later I entered Jack’s room, took his hand. “Good morning,” I said in as cheery a voice as I could muster.

“John, what’s wrong? Your hand is so cold?” Jack asked. (His tactile sense had become keener since he lost his sight.)

“Dusky just died. I took him to the vet to be put to sleep.”

“Oh, Dusky.”

We held one another and cried.

Around that time, I mentioned to a friend that I felt like I was beginning to lose everything I loved, that I felt like I couldn’t escape the steady drone of the death march that enveloped me. These were prophetic observations that became more true as time passed. I couldn’t have imagined it. Even now, there are times I can hardly believe how much took place and the great amount of loss that occurred in so few months."


This was the first of many deaths and separations I would face in the next 18 months. It ushered in a period of sorrow in my life that I struggled to understand but eventually learned to accept. Dusky was a wonderful companion and friend to Jack and me. I still miss him. I always will.

Here is a picture of Dusky in the early part of his life. This picture along with the caption below it are in the book Finding My Banana Bread Man.


Our dog, Dusky, also known as “Roses,” 13 years old, January 2002.

Please click on the link below. It will take you to the Lady Jaye's web site where there is a special page set up to honor the loss of all our four legged friends and companions. This like as been specially placed on this page to honor our dear friend Dusky who provide us fifteen and a half years of pleasure. "Love you Dusky" - always will.

I would also like to honor the lost four-legged family member of my following family and friends. The song that follows is also in their memory:

Cathy's Ruby 10/15/03

Cathy's Max 5/15/07

Barbara's Bo 2/26/07

Richard and Luciana's Dah 1/6/82

Judi's Jing 11/19/95

Sharon's Buddy Date Unknown

Roy's Buddy 1/23/06

David's Lucy 3/6/08

KayC's Lucky 11/19/08

Vickie & Pat's Nikki April 2009

Bill & Ted's Puck January 1995 to 7/5/12

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