Finding My Banana Bread Man      He continues to provide me with "Memories of Green", and he will always be my "Soft Place to Land."
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Finding My Banana Bread Man

A Journey Through Mourning

  • takes you on a voyage of two men in a 27-year committed gay relationship.
  • It is a saga of not only the 10-month illness of Jack, but also the period following his death and the turmoil and grief the author endured.
  • A brain tumor and blindness are elements of the illness, which will leave you saddened at the effect it had on Jack but marvel at his ability to cope with these disabilities and find humor and peace in spite of these afflictions.
  • It is a two and a half year period of shock, despair, loss, loneliness and searching as well as remembrance, revelation, progression and hope.
  • In addition to the story, poetry is the element that ties together each of the thirteen chapters, and allows the reader to visit all the emotions of losing a mate.
  • It guides the reader through an intimate look at the personal emotions and family issues associated with this type of loss.
  • It allows the reader to see hope in spite of the tragedy of illness and death. Progression and hope are eventually found as the story concludes.
  • It is more than a narrative on death, dying, and poetry. It is a love story, which concludes with John eventually Finding His Banana Bread Man — and Finding Himself.
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