Finding My Banana Bread Man      He continues to provide me with "Memories of Green", and he will always be my "Soft Place to Land."
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Finding My Banana Bread Man

A Journey Through Mourning

John (Jack) Edward Orler

June 15, 1949 – July 31, 2005

Because he has been here, I will be different than

I would have been. I will have to become his legacy.

He travels with me into tomorrow.

He may have died, but love never ends.

Jack at age four - circa 1953

John (Jack) Orler & John R. Davis

Were a “Real Item”. Witness a life remembered

in John’s legacy to Jack entitled

Finding My Banana Bread Man

A Journey Through Mourning

7655 E Highland Avenue

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

(602) 619-7224

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“It doesn’t seem possible at the time,

but you can transcend grief.” – Davis

Finding My Banana Bread Man

Is a love story that:

  • guides people mourning the loss of a loved one
  • takes them through shock, despair, and loneliness
  • inspires all those who support them in their life-changing journeys

"Beauty that dies the soonest has the longest life.

Because it cannot keep itself for a day,

we keep it forever.

Because it can have existence only in memory,

we give it immortality there.”

~Bertha Damon (A Sense of Humus)


Memories Of Green

When frost has taken life from you

Erased and snatched what you grew

Remember how the sun would shine

How the rain would feed the vines

Death becomes what can be seen

But you have Memories Of Green

Jack – fifty-five years old - 2004